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How to Set Time and Date in GE IP Rx3i CPU with GE IP

January 23, 2016
This blog is a transcript from our YouTube Channel.  To see more helpful PLC troubleshooting videos be sure to check it out. Today we're demonstrating how to set the real-time clock in a GE Intelligent Platform's RX3i pacsystems controller using Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer PLC. This procedure also applies to Series 9030, Series 9070, VersaMax and RX7i controllers.  
The first step is to start Proficy Machine Edition, as I have already done. Next, open the project associated with the RX3i controller, and then connect to the controller. Click on the Green Hand on the toolbar in order to place Proficy Machine Edition in programmer mode. Click on Target above the toolbar. Go to online commands and select Show Status. Locate the date tab and click on it. We can set the time and date by either typing it in manually and clicking Apply, or we can set the time and date of the RX3i to be equal to the time and date in your PC by clicking on synchronize CPU to host. Once you have set the time and date, click OK. Thank you for watching this video, and stay tuned for more instructional videos from Cimtec Automation.
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