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Hurricane Damage to GE PLC Systems: Qualitrol Delivers

September 7, 2017
Hurricane Harvey has taken a devastating toll on Gulf Coast automation facilities. As factories begin to clean up and get their systems back up and running, they are finding that key electronic components have been ruined after days of sitting in salt water and sand. This environment can decimate electronic components.  Before you haul them away, contact Qualitrol International for help!  We specialize in GE PLC repair, and we’ve seen it all!   Call:  1-800-784-9385  or Email Us When Hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast in 2012, we were contacted by a number of companies looking to replace PLC parts, seemingly ruined by the storm damage. We restored hundreds of PLC’s back to exceptional working condition. If you have water-damaged PLC’s… Don’t throw them away!  Simply send the damaged PLC units to us for evaluation and often, we can repair the units at a huge savings to you.  Qualitrol recently received a shipment of hundreds of  GE Field Control ( IC670),  GE Genius (IC660), GE 90-70 ( IC697) and GE 90-30 (IC693) parts that were submerged in salt water. We have the experience and tools necessary to return them back in pristine condition!

Damaged PLCs

Before:  Corrosion and rust are already visible.                    

PLCs Repaired

After:  Each unit is thoroughly cleaned, removing all loose components, sand, grime and debris.  Then we cycle the part through our high-tech ULTRASONIC cleaner for multiple cycles. From there, we submerge in a solvent/degreaser bath for 20 minutes.  Once clean, an alcohol bath is performed to absorb liquid from the unit.  The units were then dried for 12 hours, re-inspected and, if needed, run through the cleaning process again. Our experienced team of GE PLC Technicians perform our above standard testing to insure that functionality is restored to factory specifications Here are pictures of the finished units: [caption id="attachment_2098" align="alignleft" width="200"] IC670ALG320 Cleaned[/caption]             [caption id="attachment_2100" align="alignleft" width="200"] IC670MDL640 Cleaned[/caption]             [caption id="attachment_2099" align="alignleft" width="200"] Cleaned Field Control Units[/caption]
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