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Industrial Computer & Flat Panel Repairs

April 15, 2015

Computer Dynamics (CDI) www.cdynamics.com introduced the first industrial flat panel display computer and monitor in the early 1990s.  Since then, CDI has sold thousands of industrial computers (IPC), flat panel displays and flat-panel monitors into industrial and commercial applications throughout the world.

Industrial Computer Repair

As a result, Qualitrol has incorporated Computer Dynamics Industrial Computer repairs into its already comprehensive repair catalog.  Now, this is not just the case of us adding a list of parts to our catalog and saying, "Hey, now we can repair this stuff - send it to us."


First, we hired 5 former CDI engineers and repair technicians and converted over 1,000 square feet of our facility to a new industrial computer repair center.

Then, we purchased all of the Build Books for every CDI computer built since its inception.  These documents include all of the schematics, build procedures, test procedures - everything to build a unit from scratch and, of course, to be able to repair it to the original design.

There is no better place to go in the world than Quailtrol for CDI industrial computer and industrial flat panel repairs.

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