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Industrial Computer & Monitor Repair

November 9, 2016
At Qualitrol International, our repairs are done by expert technicians as quickly as possible, every time. You can count on our technicians, who are IPC 7711/7721 certified, to quickly identify the problem with your industrial computer or monitor and notify you before making the repair. Industrial Computer & Monitor Repair   We never charge for diagnosing the problem and we only move forward with the repair when you have given us permission to do so. If your industrial computer or monitor can’t be repaired, there’s no charge to you for having us look at it!   What else does Qualitrol offer for expert industrial computer and monitor repairs?

Experience with All Types of Industrial Components

Qualitrol has been helping people repair and maintain industrial computers and monitors for years. We offer fast and expert repairs on virtually any industrial monitor and industrial computer component, including:  
  • HMIs
  • Panel PCs
  • Touchscreens
  • LCD Flat Panel Displays
  • and more!
  During our repairs, we always replace any components that we find to be non-functional. We even replace components that have a high failure rate. With our 24-hour testing system and total cleaning of the entire monitor or computer, you can be sure you’ll receive your part back clean, functional, and looking like new!  

Need a Remanufactured Part? We’ve Got You Covered

Our remanufactured services at Qualitrol include repair services as well as total replacement of faulty LCD screens or touchscreens. When we’re done, we even touch up the paint on the exterior surfaces of your computer or monitor. Our repairs are always backed by a one-year warranty to ensure they’ll do the job right. Combine this with our turnaround time of 1-3 days and you’ll have your industrial monitor or computer back before you know it.  

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Retrofit Services

When you need retrofit services for your CRT, HMI, or even an outdated or damaged LCD, we can help at Qualitrol. Depending on the age of your component, sometimes finding a replacement can be close to impossible. If we can’t repair it at Qualitrol, we’ll retrofit your system to work with the latest technology from flat panel LCDs. If you have equipment such as data concentrators, CNC machines, or even medical equipment, we can help retrofit your product with a new LCD panel to work flawlessly for you.   Our retrofits enable you to install your unit into its original cabinet because we take the time to match the shape and size of your system to the new LCD panel. We’ll also replace electronics to create a completely functional system to match your current system seamlessly. When you’re tired of aging systems and all the challenges they pose, let us evaluate your interface for a retrofit—it’s cost-effective and extends the life of your equipment!   Our solutions at Qualitrol are designed to make your product last for years. With our risk-free diagnosis and our one-year warranty on all repairs, we get you the working component you need, fast. Work with us to discover just how much of a difference a retrofit can make for your machine. We look forward to being your industrial computer and monitor repair professionals!  
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