Installing a new system after a PLC migration is a crucial step in the migration process. Here's how to do it the right way: When the program is ready, the hardware has arrived, and the project is fully coordinated, we'll arrive onsite for the scheduled installation. Setting a target installation date at the inception of the project and continually communicating with you throughout the system production, ensures that its engineers arrive onsite at the scheduled time to begin installation.

Most installations follow this process:

- If we're going to install a new panel, you remove the old panel and the site is prepped for the new panel. Otherwise, the panel should be already in place and ready to go. - All of the I/O wiring is ‘rung-out’ to verify that the right field device is connected to the proper input and output circuits, per the system electrical drawings. Any inconsistencies are corrected and re-tested. - Our engineers test machine function with the new PLC in control. Depending on how the program is written, subsections of the machine’s operations can be tested individually. Throughout this portion of the testing, your representative (an engineer or lead maintenance person) who intimately knows the correct operation of the machine is on-hand with our start-up team. This ensures that everything is tested and running as planned. - Timer values and register values that control dwell times, speeds, or other critical machine functions are adjusted to optimize performance. - If you require an official Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), our engineers work through the sequence of tests to your satisfaction. - We verify that proper communication is occurring between the new system and any third party components. Our engineers work closely with you and engineers from the third party to ensure all parameters are passing properly. - We verify that all data is passing properly to any HMI or SCADA systems linked to the new system. Up-front planning of the data fields at the time that the program was converted minimizes the risk that data is missed or misplaced. - Throughout this process, all changes to wiring, the program, and set points are documented by the team and incorporated in the final documentation, which is provided to you after commissioning. - If your old system is being decommissioned, we advises you on how to properly dispose of the old equipment. Installing a new system after a PLC migration is a crucial step in the migration process.  With the proper planning and execution the install can run smoothly. New Call-to-action