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June 3, 2016
  When a component fails to work, your entire PLC system is affected. Even a small component such as a fan or wiring module can impact your system’s ability to run. Downtime can be costly and unpredictable, but when you have expert repair technicians on your side, repairs can be easy and fast. Your automation system will be up and running in just days rather than the weeks you can’t afford to miss for your production lines.

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  Our fast and reliable repair services at Qualitrol are available for every brand in your automation lineup. What repair services do we offer?  

PLC and HMI Repairs

PLCs and HMIs go hand in hand at your workplace. When your HMI unit isn’t working, your automation system isn’t getting the instructions it needs to perform the proper tasks. Sometimes the entire unit needs to be replaced, other times a repaired component will suffice. We specialize in repairing all types of GE PLCs and their components. We also repair all models of Allen-Bradley PLCs. Our technicians are required to be IPC 7711/7721 certified and our team has over 50 years of combined experience in repairing PLCs and HMIs.   We know your machines are your business, and we work hard to repair your PLCs and HMIs of all types and brands in a timely manner so that your assembly line is operating as intended as soon as possible!  

Industrial Computer Repairs

At Qualitrol, we also specialize in providing quick repairs on any industrial computer or monitor. This includes HMIs, LCD flat-panel displays, or panel PCs. We repair touchscreens and power supplies, and we replace every broken component and completely test your monitor or computer before sending it back to you—we even clean it so it looks like new!   Trust the professional repair technicians at Qualitrol with your industrial computer and industrial monitor repairs. We never charge for evaluations or testing, and only move forward with the repair after we notify you about the problem and we have your permission to proceed.  

Industrial Drive Repairs

When you need an industrial drive repair, you need professionals who provide the total package. At Qualitrol, our industrial drive repair services include testing under full-load conditions. We have experience repairing a variety of industrial drive brands, including AC Tech, Siemens, Control Techniques, GE Drives, Toshiba, Lenze, and all the other manufacturers you know and trust.   We evaluate, repair, test, and ship your industrial drive back to you within just a few days. If you need your industrial drive back sooner, we offer expedited repair services.   Repairs are crucial for your automation systems, and we can even send you a new part while you’re waiting so you can use your repaired part as a spare. All of our repairs come with a one-year warranty to ensure your part works no matter what. From PLCs to industrial computers to industrial drives, we have experience repairing the leading manufacturers of automation systems and products for your convenience at Qualitrol!  
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