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Options for Your GE Series Six PLC System

March 3, 2010
In late 2002, GE Fanuc moved its popluar Series Six PLC system to 'Obsolete' status.  While many manufacturers throughout the world who used the Series Six had already replaced the 20+ year old PLC with a new, faster, sleeker model, many saw no reason to replace the system, as long as we can get spare parts and keep it running. For years, Qualitrol International had been supplying parts and repairs for the Series Six.  Once this announcement was made, customers from all over the world came to our site to get the parts and repairs needed to keep their Series Six running. And now, 8 years since GE Fanuc decided to no longer support the Series Six, there are still many people throughout the world who still have them in production. And you know what - Qualitrol is still providing quality remanufactured Series Six parts with a 2 year warranty, and turning around Series Six repairs within 2 or 3 days.  You can't get that kind of service anywhere else.  And Qualitrol will be in the business of serving Series Six users until the last call comes in. As a Series Six user, you have to decide - do i keep my Series Six running for a few more years until I have money in my budget to replace it (knowing that you can get parts and repairs from Qualitrol until then) or is now the time that you say that it's time to put the ol' Series Six out to pasture and replace it with one of those sleeker, faster models? Well, Qualitrol is ready to help you with the conversion too.  For years we have promoted the GE-to-GE conversion solutions - either a wholesale replacement of your entire Series Six system or a more cost-effective approach whereby we simply replace the Series Six CPU rack (yes, in many models of the Series Six the CPU was made up of an entire rack of modules) with a new GE 90-70 or GE Rx7i CPU and your Series Six I/O structure is none the wiser and stays intact.  You can learn more about these options on our Series Six Conversion page. Now, because of additions to our engineering staff, we can offer Series Six Conversions to any major PLC - Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Modicon or any other leading brand.  We can specify the hardware that will be equivalent to your Series Six system, convert the ladder program, help with installation and be on site for start-up.  Learn more at our PLC Conversion page. Just go to our Contact Us page and mention that you want to speak to one of our engineers about a Series Six conversion.
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