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PLC Programming for DOS Software made Easy

April 15, 2010
Manufacturers who are still running legacy Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems - like a GE Series Six, GE Series One, Allen-Bradley PLC-5, or Siemens S5 - are often confronted with one scary question - "How can I get to the program in my Legacy PLC if I ever have an emergency?"  Many older PLC programs used programming software that had to run under - gasp - DOS. So then the bigger question becomes "How can I run my DOS-based programming software on my Windows-based laptop?"  Well, it can be done, but you have to wrestle with ansi.sys and config.sys files which gets harder and harder with each release of Windows. Then you have to deal with a maor hardware problem - laptops don't have serial ports any more.  USB-to-Serial connectors work sometimes but that is another path frought with trouble.   This just doesn't seem to get any easier.... Until now.  Qualitrol International is pleased to announce its Logic Developer Platform (LDP). It removes ALL of the headaches in Legacy PLC Programming.  NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED - IT WORKS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!
  • Don't worry about getting DOS to run under Windows or getting the software to run properly - We've already done that for you!
  • Don't worry about getting the USB-to-Serial converter working properly - We make sure it works before we ship it!
  • Run multiple PLC Programming packages from one programmer - eveen from different PLC manufacturers!
  • SHHHHH....We don't call it a computer so IT will never know it is one...but it is a full-functioning unit that runs any Windows application like email, Internet Explorer, and has a solid state drive option so there are no moving parts.
Users of Legacy PLCs are all over this new device.  Never has one PLC Programming device solved the problems of Legacy, DOS-based programs while still being a viable programming tool for Windows-based programming software.  Just another innovative product from Qualitrol International.
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