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September 29, 2017
PLC SoftwareWhen you need tech support for your PLC, it’s nice to know that all the expertise you need is in one place. Welcome to Qualitrol. Our tech support is second to none when it comes to legacy systems in addition to the newest technology. We’re equipped to help you fully support your PLC so that your routine maintenance as well as your machinery issues are more efficiently managed. We offer support for the following PLCs to restore the livelihood of your legacy systems or propel you forward with new technology.


We have decades of experience with GE Fanuc systems. Our technicians are available to help you over the phone or can even be dispatched to your site. Our in-house knowledge of GE PLC systems spans decades, so you know that whether you have a Series One, Three, Five, or one of the newer PACSystems RX3i, you can count on Qualitrol to deliver on the expertise you need. From parts, support, and more, we’re here to help.

Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation)

Our wealth of information on Allen-Bradley PLCs is unparalleled. Not only do we provide troubleshooting information, specialist support, and parts, but we also offer repairs for your Allen-Bradley components. From frequently asked questions to live chats, your support options with Qualitrol are endless. Let us help you figure out exactly what’s going on to get your system where it needs to be.


Do you have a Siemens legacy system? Whether you have a question about system configuration or aren’t even sure where to start on your problem, our experienced Siemens engineers can help with that. We can also help you plan your migration to the newest Siemens controller, all while handling the transition of your legacy PLC to something great. Getting the right support for your machinery is essential when a component breaks and your system stops working. Knowing who to call in that moment could be the difference between a minor maintenance issue and a full-blown disaster. The support experts at Qualitrol make it easy to keep your PLC running to ensure the latter never happens. We look forward to helping you support your systems to maintain your fullest efficiency. Get in touch with one of our engineers by calling 1-800-784-9385. ge plc tech support  
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