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Qualitrol is a Leading Repair Facility for the Popular GE Multilin Motor Management Relay Products

January 5, 2021

Using IPC 7711/7721-certified repair technicians, Qualitrol goes to great lengths to ensure that each repaired GE Multilin unit performs fully to factory standards, optimized to handle the demands of critical motor management.

While the GE Multilin units are quite reliable, they can fail on occasion so finding a source that can reliably repair your Multliin unit is invaluable to protecting your assets and keeping your facility running smoothly.

GE Multilin Motor Management Relays provide complete and accurate motor protection for medium and large voltage motors, including small to medium sized Medium Voltage AC motors. GE Multilin relays are often used on critical applications like motors on pumps, conveyors, fans and compressors; bus, transmission and transformer lines; generator stator differential protection; and many other power and transmission applications.


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