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October 13, 2020

Qualitrol International has over 30 years of experience in electronic repair including brands like Nidec, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Seimens, and more. We have the expertise, efficiency, and competitive pricing that you need to keep your automation systems up and running, and we back that with a 2-year warranty on all repair services!

Qualitrol recently added Breuer Motoren EcoVert Drives and Rectifiers to their repair lineup. The Breuer range of EcoVertĀ® VFD tractions drives provides totally flexible solutions to underground machine traction control for all OEM customers. These drives are built to last, but even the best machines can need repair and regular maintenance.

Each VFD unit is carefully inspected, and key components such as IGBTs, snubbers, fans, and controller boards are tested to determine performance than are replaced as needed to achieve optimal working conditions. We then test each unit with a motor and load to assure that the repaired drive will perform to factory specifications.

Models of the Breuer Motoren EcoVert Frequency Inverters and Rectifiers that Qualitrol specializes in include:

  • EcoVert 801-07-03-06-1003727 80kW 150 A Frequency Inverter Drive
  • EcoVert 801-07-03-06-1003729 80kW 150 A Frequency Inverter Drive
  • 30kW 55 A Frequency Inverter Drive 325-680 V DC Output, 150 A Rectifier Unit
  • EcoVert 801-07-05-07-1003731 325-680 V DC Output, 150 A Rectifier Unit

Request a quote for a VFD repair at Qualitrol.com or Call and speak to one of our experts at 800.784.9385

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