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Qualitrol Provides Continuing Support for your GE Legacy PLC

March 10, 2020

Qualitrol provides continuing support for all your legacy GE PLC products. Since GE Genius’(IC660) line of products went obsolete in June 2017, we’ve been providing Genius customers with the support they need to continue moving forward with their machinery. From start to finish, Qualitrol is ready to provide you with everything you need to optimally run your legacy systems for as long as you’re able.

It is difficult on a company when a manufacturer discontinues a key component of your automation scheme.  Because of the power of the 90-70, this PLC was more likely to be the core of more sophisticated, and critical, control schemes.  The manufacturer does their homework and creates a migration plan that moves the 90-70 user to the latest PLC, or PAC, solution.  Of course, that is not done for free – integration costs, new hardware costs, downtime, re-wiring of the I/O structure – all add up to a pretty major upgrade project.  And just because the manufacturer says it’s time to upgrade, it doesn’t mean that it is in your budget this year, next year or five years from now.

Realizing this burden on your business, Qualitrol has positioned itself to Extend the Life of your PLC system. Now is not the time to figure out how to fund a major PLC upgrade or conversion.  And if the system is working properly, why the need to change it now – it could conceivably continue to work flawlessly for many years to come. We have thousands of 90-70 parts in stock, tested through our unique quality process, and ready to ship today.  And we are committed to supporting this line for years to come.  We are still fully supporting the Series Six that was introduced in 1980 – and are equipped to do so until the last Series Six is controlling an application.  We offer unparalleled support for your Remanufactured parts.

We have you covered:

  • 2 year warranty on all reman parts
  • In-house repairs with a 3-5 day turnaround
  • Phone support with GE specialists
  • Field support throughout the country
  • Customized support for your PLC

Download our free e-book GE Legacy PLC Maintenance Guide and learn how to maintain your GE Legacy PLC. Call a Qualitrol expert at 1.800.784.9385 and let us be your partner in keeping your machines running in optimal condition!

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