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Qualitrol's Legacy Asset Management = Zero Downtime

January 5, 2021

As the leading GE authorized PLC support center in North America for repairs, parts and service, we at Qualitrol understand older PLC component life issues and the implications for uptime. 30 years of experience in providing critical PLC parts and support to GE customers has allowed us to assemble a tremendous amount of information on PLC system failures across a broad range of live applications. Today, we use this information to help many of our customers understand and predict their unique risks regarding potential system downtime.   

“The Legacy Controls Asset Management provided by CIMTEC was very beneficial and helped us identify some surplus equipment we no longer needed. CIMTEC’s efforts helped us optimize our spare parts supply.”

                                            —SHANE LAMP, Facilities Manager, Ajax Rolled Ring

Legacy Controls Asset Management is designed to help you avoid downtime by accurately pinpointing and mitigating risks before unplanned downtime occurs. Through a careful analysis of your PLC’s unique performance requirements, equipment type, environmental conditions and other factors, we will evaluate your total system and provide a detailed plan to safeguard your operations.  In the process, you’ll gain useful knowledge - and assurance - regarding your PLC’s condition, remaining life and options for maintaining peak performance for years to come. Once we schedule the on-site assessment, we will go through three important steps to assess your facility.

  1. Discovery
    During the actual site visit, a thorough evaluation of your facilities automation systems and spare parts inventory will be performed. We will identify specific system components and available backup parts, documenting their age, type, quantity and system application.  We’ll examine your programming backup availability and storage process, capture critical factory environmental data, measure application load on each system, and review maintenance practices and other related issues that can impact uptime reliability. 
  2. Assessment
    Information gathered during the site visit will be analyzed for risk by our team of technical experts. The process takes place in several phases:  First, automation equipment classes and components are analyzed against our in-house benchmark database on component life cycles. Next, remaining life estimates for specific systems and parts are reviewed to establish future reliability of equipment for each of your critical production processes. After that, firmware levels, emergency parts access, equipment environment, and operational demands are all added to establish an overall picture of the nature, location and magnitude of risks to your operations.
  3. Assurance
    After an in-depth analysis, the Legacy Controls Asset Management report for your facility is delivered in both hard copy and electronic versions. The assessment is designed to provide an easy to read, easy to explain overview of key risk considerations, with detailed analysis and back-up information to support conclusions. 

Call us at 800.784.9385 to schedule your Legacy Controls Asset Management assessment. Get more in-depth information by downloading the eBook here

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