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Qualitrol's Most Comprehensive Service Program - BlanketCare ®

October 4, 2019

After 30 years of supporting the most demanding operations, we have learned what companies need to maximize uptime. Fast response, access to knowledgeable engineers, comprehensive preventative maintenance programs, and expedited shipping of critical parts are just a few.

CIMTEC invites you to join our most comprehensive service program, BlanketCare®. You get all the packages we offer in one package.  By signing up for this program you will receive the ultimate care for your machines and have the peace of mind in knowing Qualitrol has your back, anytime, anywhere

The BlanketCare® Program offers:

  • Tech Call Hot line:  24/7 hot line access to specialized service technicians
  • Priority Response:  Rapid response for on-site emergency service
  • SentinelPM:  Customized preventative maintenance to maximize productivity
  • Fast Ship:  Around-the-clock access to critical parts inventory reserved specifically for your company’s control systems, including the world’s largest inventory of authorized GE Legacy PLC and HMI parts
  • Don’t see what you need? Just ask.

Don’t go one more day not knowing if you have things handled when or if one of your machines goes down.  Let Qualitrol International give you peace of mind and keep your facility running smoothly, call one of our experts to find out more about our BlanketCare® Program.  800.784.9385

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