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January 30, 2015

If you will take a walk through the Qualitrol home offices in Charlotte―which we sincerely hope you will―you’ll be surprised by what you find. Gone are the antiquated, ugly, unprofessional warehouses of yesterday, with their inhabitants hidden from the clientele. Qualitrol’s state-of-the-art facility boasts technicians and engineers who engage visitors with the same professionalism that should be expected of any industry-leading organization. Our equipment is organized, clean and easily accessible.

Qualitrol is also the only factory-authorized repair center in the world for some products. We’ve earned those authorizations through our commitment to continually increasing our understanding of every service and part we offer.

Further, our sales team focuses not on hawking goods or pushing upgrades, but on genuinely helping our clientele. We boast an impressive team of IPC-Certified engineers to handle all of the board work, part repair and customer support. All of our technicians go through a hands-on certification program that is refreshed on a biannual basis, guaranteeing a consistent reinforcement of industry standards

Quality You Can Trust

We’ve used these assets to consistently build a reputation as an industry leader. At the forefront of this leadership is a dedication to our company pillars, a dedication that has been providing guaranteed PLC Repairs with a 3-5 day turnaround since 1992. Our inventory is updated hourly, and every one of our thousands of parts comes with the same exclusive 2-year warranty.

These pillars have established and grown Qualitrol from a modest repair house into a full-service resource for 100,000s of technicians, integrators and factory owners for 25 years. These businesses have partnered with us to extend the life of their systems without needing to upgrade to the newest, greatest revision through reliance on our core services.

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