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Remanufactured PLC Parts or Repairs: Which is Right For You?

February 24, 2015
Your machines are your livelihood and we take that very seriously.  Without them you wouldn't have a business and even the smallest amount of downtime can seriously affect operations.  One thing for sure is that you are going to need PLC parts.  Generally, there are a few different ways to get them, but which is right for you? We are going to analyze the difference between buying remanufactured PLC parts or having your part repaired and we'll see which is right for you.  As you probably noticed, getting a new part was left off of this list.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with getting new PLC parts, they can be expensive.  We wanted to compare the two cheaper methods of getting quality parts.

I need my PLC Part Fast

If you need your part fast, like "I needed it yesterday" fast, you are going to want to get a remanufactured part.  Repairs have quick turn-around time (days not weeks) but you still need to send in the part, we fix it and send it back.  This is not nearly as quick as ordering the part online.  Our inventory is updated hourly and most parts will ship out the same day to anywhere in the world.

Winner:  Remanufactured PLC Parts

I Want a Warranty for My PLC Part

A lot of people think that in order to get a warranty for a PLC part they need to buy it new.  This may be true with some other guys but we offer a 2 year warranty on repairs and remanufactured parts. All of our techs are PC 7711/7721 certified so that high standards are met.  Our techs use the same components or exact replacements as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) too.  This provides assurance that all of the parts you get are high quality and like new.  They may not be brand new, but they are cleaned, tested under full load conditions, sent in packaging that matches the OEM, and come with a two year warranty.

Winner: Draw

I Want the Cheapest Option Available

While both remanufactured parts and repairs are cheaper than getting a part new, generally speaking, a repair is going to cost less.  There might be an exception where the repair costs more, but most of the time they'll be less. Here's an example of a PLC part # that is available remanufactured and as a repair.  You can see the price differences right on the page.

Winner:  Repair

The Best of Both Worlds

We know how important it is to keep your machines running, and that is why it's possible to get the best of both worlds.  If you need a part for your machine, send  it in for a repair and we'll immediately send you a remanufactured part to be used.  In the meantime, one of our certified techs will repair your part then send it back.  Now you have a quality backup to be used in the future.

Winner: You

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