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Save GE Cimplicity ME Project to a CD

April 15, 2011

Here is a question from one of our GE PLC and GE Cimplicity ME users and the answer from one of our in-house PLC engineers:

Question: In Logic Developer – PLC/Cimplicity ME, I would like to save the project on CD for our customer. How would I find the files to copy, or does the backup retain all project data (symbols)?

Answer: If you use the backup function in Machine Edition it will save everything, including logic, configuration, symbols, etc, in one zip file. You can create a backup in Machine Edition a couple of ways. With Version 5.9 or later, with your project open, under the File commands there is a selection that says save and backup project. This will save the project and let you designate where the backup zip file will go. You can also open Machine Edition and without a project open, you will see in the Navigator a list of projects on your computer. If you right click on a project name, you will get a pop-up window and one of the selections is Back Up.

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