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Series One PLC Conversions

August 5, 2016
Are you still using your original GE Fanuc Series One PLC? These PLCs came out more than 20 years ago, but have been virtually indestructible machines that still offer their users plenty of use for a variety of applications. The Series One PLC is still being used by many today! ge series 1 plc conversions   Although your GE Fanuc Series One may still be going strong, do you have a plan in place for what will happen when it finally reaches the end of its life? The Series One PLC can’t compete with its newer counterparts that offer cutting-edge processors and up-to-date software.   Qualitrol International has a conversion program in place for when your Series One PLC expires, or if you’d just like a newer system for your PLC applications. With new technology from the GE Fanuc 90-30 Series PLC, we can help take your operations to the next level.  

What the GE 90-30 PLC Offers

Although your Series One PLC system works great for many things, it simply doesn’t offer the following benefits that the GE 90-30 PLC system does. These advantages include:  
  • Ethernet communications
  • Online diagnostics
  • Monitoring of system performance
  • Programming software that’s Windows-based
  • Expandability to over 4,000 I/O points
  • CPUs with math capabilities, including Intel-based CPUs
  • Terminal strips on I/O modules that are removable
  • A variety of I/O modules
  Qualitrol also offers a full inventory of GE 90-30 PLC parts as well as expert repairs when you need them. When it comes to GE PLC products, trust Qualitrol to get you the parts and expertise you need on time. We offer our own conversion program to make transitioning your Series One PLC easy, affordable, and efficient.  

Our PLC Conversion Program

Are you ready to upgrade your GE Fanuc Series One PLC system?   Simply send us the layout of your current Series One system, including the number of racks, CPU types, and a list of all I/O modules. Next, send us a copy of your CPU program. If you’re having trouble creating this file, our engineers at Qualitrol can help you obtain your PLC program. Finally, use the existing panel to install the 90-30 PLC system and troubleshoot the wiring and program performance.   Qualitrol has just four steps to help you complete this conversion in a timely manner:  
  1. Build a GE 90-30 PLC system with components that match the configuration of your Series One
  2. Switch your existing program in your Series One to GE 90-30 programming language and upload it onto the 90-30 CPU
  3. Install the 90-30 hardware at the site in addition to wiring the I/O modules
  4. Troubleshoot the new system on the machine

What Qualitrol Provides

With our help during your conversion, you receive a brand-new GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC system with all matching hardware components to work seamlessly with the configuration of your current system. The modules are arranged in the same order as your Series One system so the I/O module wiring matches up perfectly.   We also provide you with a comprehensive wiring diagram of every I/O module and its power supply connection in addition to wiring instructions that show the correlations between your old Series One I/O connections and the new 90-30 connections.   You’ll also receive a converted program uploaded onto your new 90-30 CPU and an additional copy of the logic program for a backup. We offer on-site installation of your new 90-30 PLC system and can even remove your old Series One system, wire all your I/O modules, troubleshoot the programming before starting the system up, and provide hands-on training for all your staff, from engineers to operators to maintenance employees.   Did we mention that we’ll credit you for your existing Series One components? We’ll take your old components and put the credit towards the cost of your new PLC system!  

Are You Ready?

When you’re ready to upgrade from your GE Fanuc Series One to the new GE Fanuc 90-30 series, Qualitrol can convert your PLC lineup in less than a week and install the new 90-30 over the weekend. Our sales engineers can give you a cost estimate for upgrading your system and talk with you more about your PLC application.   If you’re interested in other GE PLC systems besides the Fanuc 90-30, Qualitrol also features the GE VersaMax PLC and the RX3i Programmable Automation Controller, which can both be used instead of the 90-30 series to replace your Series One PLC.   When you’re ready to upgrade, contact the expert PLC engineers at Qualitrol—we can help you plan your conversion to make the transition from your Series One fast and easy!  
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