There are plenty of places to buy new, shiny PLC parts, and it's great to get the part you need, but anyone who has recently purchased one can tell you, they are expensive!  While remanufactured parts might not be as prevalent on the market, they can certainly be found and there's lots of reasons why you should buy them. Many businesses purchase new parts because because they want assurance that they'll work and they want them to come with a warranty.  We can't speak for the other guys, but when you purchase remanufactured PLC parts from us you get both.

PLC Certification & Assurance

All of our remanufactured PLC parts are built by certified techs.  They are IPC 7711/7721 certified so you can rest assured high standards are met.  All of our highly skilled techs use the same components or exact replacements as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) too.  This provides assurance that all of the parts you get are high quality and like new. Not only will they work as good as new, they'll look as good as new.  Each unit is hand cleaned, the packaging matches the OEM, and new labels are applied to the unit so you can clearly identify the part number and description.

PLC Guarantees

Worried that the part won't live up to the standards that you expect and you'll be searching for a replacement soon?  Don't be!  We are so sure that you'll get a high quality remanufactured PLC part, all of ours come with a 2 year warranty. Why are we so confident?  Like we said earlier, all of our techs are certified, but we also put the parts through rigorous testing.  Each PLC unit must go through, and pass, a set of critical tests before receiving our approval to be shipped out. Parts of this testing includes all aspects of CPU performance and harsh I/O circuit testing under full load conditions.

PLC Parts Faster with Better Availability

If the certification, assurance and guarantees aren't enough to convince you how about a better availability and getting the parts faster? A remanufactured part is going to get to you much faster as opposed to getting a part repaired.  We all know that your business can't survive long periods of downtime, and the turn-around time can make or break you. In fact, we know how important it is to avoid downtime, that we can take it one step further.  We can send you a remanufactured PLC, you send in your bad part for repair, and this way you'll have a qualified spare. We also have a multi-million dollar inventory of remanufactured parts, allowing us to ship your order immediately, anywhere around the globe.

Reduce the Costs of PLC Parts

Not only do you get everything stated above when you purchase PLC parts from Qualitrol, we saved the best for last. The #1 reason to buy remanufactured PLC parts is the price.  Remanufactured parts can save you as much as half in some instances.  Add this up or several months, or even years, and the savings are huge.  How much will this add to your bottom line? Get the quality PLC parts you expect for less, faster and with a 2 year warranty.  Still buying new parts?  You may be wasting your money. New Call-to-action