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The Best PLC Conversion Tips

July 8, 2016
  Migrating your PLC is an option that many people choose once their PLC has either reached Mature status or has reached its maximum lifespan. This can happen for a variety of reasons—as systems reach Mature status in the automation world, many people find that migrating their machines needs to happen eventually. At Qualitrol, we help you with your PLC conversion from start to finish, ensuring that your new system works even more effectively than your old system.   plc conversions What are some of the best PLC conversion tips from Qualitrol?  

Have a Program

We provide a migration program when converting your PLC that helps you leverage technology and the technical expertise of our engineers at Qualitrol. Our migration programs include PLC conversions from your existing manufacturer to another line from the same manufacturer, but we also specialize in merging your system from one manufacturer to another, including converting GE to Allen-Bradley or Siemens to GE. Having a migration program in place makes all the difference when migrating your PLC!  

Use PLC Parts That Match the Configuration

At Qualitrol, we use only PLC system parts that match the configuration of your legacy PLC. This allows us to make your transition seamless and effective. We migrate your program from one system to another and then upload it onto your new CPU. Installing your new hardware and wiring I/O modules is simpler when you use parts that match the configuration of your PLC and then finish by troubleshooting the system on your machine.   The benefits of using parts that match include:  
  • Having a new system that matches the hardware and modules of your current system—this means I/O modules are easily matched when completing the panel wiring.
  • Having a wiring diagram of your power supply connections to each module—this includes instructions on which legacy I/O connections match with your new PLC I/O connections.
  • Uploading a migrated program onto your CPU. Qualitrol can help you test the integrity of your program in our lab.

Work with Reputed Automation Experts

Migrating your PLC to a newer version or to a totally different brand isn’t always a simple task—it’s one that requires planning, component matching, correct wiring, and a backup of your program to protect your system should something go wrong. Working with automation experts can help you to plan and successfully migrate your PLC system.   At Qualitrol, our experts can help you convert your PLC to the newest version and ensure accurate hardware, I/O modules, and wiring is done to ensure a smooth transition. If you’re thinking about migrating your PLC, working with expert automation engineers can help ensure the process is unproblematic and successful. Your new system will work even better than your old one!   Plan your PLC migration with the automation experts at Qualitrol. We can help you discover which systems you might consider migrating to, how to backup and secure the best program, and ensure an accurate transition. Moving to a new system doesn’t have to be a hassle—ensure the best with our engineers at Qualitrol International!  
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