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The Future of PLC, HMI and Industrial Computer Repair

June 5, 2015

Qualitrol International is nationally and globally recognized as the trusted source for automation system repairs and remanufactured products to extend the life of your automation system. A primary focus is on PLCs, HMI, Operator Interface, industrial computers, and flat panel monitors.

PLC History

For over 30 years, because we have been so successful locally and internationally, we have been afforded the ability to upgrade and expand to invest in the future of automation repair. We focus on major automation lines such as GE, Allen-Bradley, Pro-Face, Xycom, Computer Dynamics, and many others. We have invested in dedicated systems for functional testing state-of-the-art repair center equipment such as an airbag BGA machine and infrared solder-desolder stations, an internal tracking system to track each part through our process, a multi-million dollar inventory of parts ready to ship.

PLC Inventory

Our inventory levels for each part are updated on our website every 10 minutes. Each of our repair technicians has been IPC-certified in the rework and repair of electronics parts. We use OEM quality components in each repair and remanufactured part so it will work to the manufacturer's specifications.

At the end of our process, each part is professionally packaged and labeled. We realize that in a down situation, it takes more than replacement part to get your system up and running again. That's where our team of experienced technicians and control engineers come in. We can deliver phone tech support, field support, system documentation, and programming assistance to ensure your system is up and running again with minimal delays. And we can help you migrate to the latest PLC system when the time is right.

All of this is delivered to you by our highly responsive customer service team. Your machines are your livelihood. When a key automation component fails, you have to trust the parts you put back in your system will work to manufacturer's specs, will work the first time you install it, and will work for years to come. You can trust the quality of repairs and remanufactured parts from Qualitrol.

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