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Top 3 of HMI Repairs for Your GE IP QuickPanel

June 17, 2016

GE products are some of the most widely used in the automation industry, and their HMIs are part of that legacy. GE QuickPanel View and QuickPanel Plus are popular operator interfaces with a job to do. Unfortunately, due to the constant usage and versatility that these HMIs provide, they’re often one of the components of a machine to break most frequently.

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  Getting your HMI repaired is often cheaper than getting the entire unit replaced, although at times this is certainly necessary. What is Qualitrol’s expert process for repairing all models of your GE IP QuickPanel?  

Thorough Testing of Your QuickPanel to Diagnose the Problem

If you have a GE automation system, you likely have a GE QuickPanel for your operator interface. These systems get used very frequently on a PLC, and are often subject to serious damage. At Qualitrol, we thoroughly test for everything that could possibly be affecting the performance of your HMI, including:  
  • How bright and clear the screen is
  • If the touchscreen works properly
  • If the screen is cracked or otherwise damaged
  • Proper functioning of keypads
  • Proper seals to lock out dirt and moisture
  • Port testing to ensure complete function of Ethernet and serial ports
  We also ensure that your QuickPanel can perform every function it’s meant to for your tasks. We test your unit by connecting it to the correct PLC system from GE and checking communication. If communication is faulty or operations aren’t completed as intended, we move forward with the repair after notifying you of the problem and receiving your permission to continue.  

Repairs by Expert HMI Technicians

Our IPC-certified technicians have years of experience in repairing and remanufacturing parts by all the automation brands you love, especially GE. Our technicians have experience in repairing all types of GE QuickPanels, including QuickPanel View and QuickPanel Plus. No matter what model or size you have, our technicians have experience repairing it.   Our technicians conduct thorough testing to determine what’s wrong with your part. We fix every component and hand-clean them to look like new. We then conduct thorough testing after the repair is complete to ensure that full functionality is restored and that every component of your GE QuickPanel unit is working flawlessly.  

One-Year Warranty for Your HMI

We’re so confident about our repairs that we include an unlimited one-year warranty with them. We know that your HMI experiences the most use and even abuse by your operators. At Qualitrol, our technicians diagnose each and every problem with your HMI unit through rigorous testing to ensure we fix everything that needs to be fixed.   Your operator interface provides an easy-to-access touchscreen, readability through brightness and clarity, and proper instructions to your automation machines. When one of these components isn’t working, your entire GE QuickPanel unit—not to mention your PLC system—can be compromised.   Ensure that your operator interface is working as intended by conducting the proper maintenance and proper use of your GE QuickPanel. Never use anything other than fingers to touch the screen, and always ensure the unit is properly inspected and cleaned at the regular maintenance intervals.   When a component of your HMI unit from GE fails, trust the experts at Qualitrol to repair your GE QuickPanel operator interface. Our technicians can even rush the unit back to you so your PLC system will be up and running with a like-new interface in no time!  
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