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Top 6 Reasons to Get Your PLC Parts Repaired

March 6, 2015

Whenever something breaks, people are always posed with the same question: Should you fix it on your own, hire someone to make the repairs for you, or completely replace it? PLC parts are no exception, and there are advantages to each choice. Working with repair experts certainly has a lot of advantages.

1. PLC Repairs Save Time

The biggest advantage of having someone else make the repairs for you is the time you save. Time is the most valuable thing we possess as humans and a hectic work schedule doesn’t always allow us to learn new troubleshooting skills.

Additionally, a certified professional will likely be able to make the repairs more quickly than you can (depending on your knowledge and troubleshooting experience). They are familiar with the products and have more experience making repairs than you do. Unless you already have experience repairing PLC’s, hiring a repair expert is much faster.

2. PLC Repairs Save Money

Some people opt to replace their PLC instead of repairing it, but this is a more costly alternative. By choosing to get your PLC repaired, you avoid the cost of new purchasing new equipment. The only disadvantage is that a repair could take longer than purchasing new components, although the turnaround time is days.

3. Avoid the Learning Curve

Another benefit of not making the repairs yourself is that you do not need to learn new skills. If you are new to PLC components, you may find the learning curve to be steeper than you were expecting. Some people are just curious by nature, and they just can’t resist attempting a repair on their own. However, if your PLC repairs leave you scratching your head, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a qualified expert.

4. PLC Experience You Can Trust

Having repairs made by a certified professional will give you peace of mind that you are in good hands. Because our technical support team is certified and experienced, our repair professionals can offer you the highest standard of service. When you choose to work with Qualitrol to repair your PLC, you’re choosing to work with top industry professionals who are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

5. Quality Control

You can rest assured that the repairs will be of the highest quality. If you decide to make the repairs yourself, you could make a mistake that causes intermittent problems and further troubleshooting. However, a qualified repair expert will guarantee that the latest best practices are followed to ensure you won’t experience future problems due to inadequate repairs. Also, we use OEM components in each repair. This helps to ensure that that your PLC functions appropriately in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications.

6. Increase Your ROI

If you opt to have a professional repair your PLC, you are increasing your ROI. Your ROI is, in part, a function of time. By extending the useful life of your PLC instead of purchasing new equipment, you gain more value from your existing equipment. In the long run, repairs can improve the returns of your investment.


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