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Trade In, Trade Up, Trade Out - Old GE and Allen-Bradley PLCs for New

February 22, 2012
We've discussed before how difficult vendors make your lives when they discontinue product lines well before we think they should (see When PLCs are Discontinued).  Suddenly you are faced with a decision of taking out the discontinued product and replacing it with your vendor's recommended solution (or finally letting the competitor's salesman in for a visit) or trying to get by repairing the parts that may fail or buying remanufactured products until your budget allows for a conversion. If you find yourself needing to convert, your vendor doesn't always have a plan in place to give you some of your initial investment back.  Meaning, they may give a small discount off your new hardware, but they're likely not to give you much, if any, of a credit in trade towards the hardware you are taking out.  Why do they want to take it back anyway? And any credit doesn't offset the costs of re-wiring and re-programming the system. So we have created our own PLC Trade In Program - simply send us a list of the PLC parts you are taking out of your current system and would like to trade in, and we will send you an offer for the parts.  In the vast majority of cases, we will offer you more for your parts than the manufacturer will.  GE, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, whatever you don't have need of. As well, you will probably be left over with some spares for this older system.  List those parts too - we'll give you an offer on all of it. This is a great way to offset the investment in the new technology and helps to ease the price of obsolescence. Fill out our Trade In form for a quick quote on your unwanted PLC parts.
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