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March 10, 2020

Qualitrol is the #1 Authorized Repair Center for Emerson Automation’s Rx7i product line. Initially introduced as the GE Fanuc/GE IP Rx7i product line in 2005, the Rx7i product family of processors, racks, power supplies and specialty cards were the flagship controller in GE’s PAC offering that also includes the popular Rx3i line.

The Qualitrol International Repair Division has supported Legacy GE PLC and HMI lines with unparalleled repair and remanufacturing services. Qualitrol has over 13,000 Legacy GE parts in stock ready to ship anywhere in the world. The company also provides field and phone support for all legacy lines including 90-70, 90-30, Genius I/O, Field Control and the Rx7i families.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have acquired the Rx7i Repair Authorization from Emerson,” said Roy Pelkey, Vice President of Qualitrol Repair and Support Division. “Qualitrol continues to grow as the top Repair, Parts and Support Center for GE’s discontinued products lines. Since 2012, we have been Authorized for the GE 90-70 line, the GE QuickPanel lines, GE Field Control line and now the Rx7i line. Our depth of knowledge, quality workmanship, national support reach and customer-first business culture means that users of any GE Legacy PLC or HMI system will be in the best hands possible when trusting their systems to Qualitrol.”

Expert PLC Repair Service Offers Numerous Benefits

High-quality PLC repairs, to OEM standards: At Qualitrol, we deploy the same testing equipment that is used at GE manufacturing facilities. This means your repaired parts are up to the same specs as a new part purchased from the manufacturer.

Our rigorous inspection and testing programs, combined with the experience of our repair engineers, means that you can be assured of the quality of your repaired parts. As a Qualitrol customer, you get:

  • Efficient access to the parts you need: Speedy automation repair services are a critical part of the efficient operation of your facility. Whereas sourcing and ordering new replacement parts can be a lengthy process requiring weeks of fulfillment time, our PLC repair services are designed to get your equipment operating properly with much shorter turnaround.
  • Superior quality over surplus parts: Repaired PLC parts from Qualitrol have been extensively tested by our staff, following the initial inspection and repair process. If you purchase surplus parts, you have no guarantee that they are still in proper working order. These parts can sit unused for years and are almost always sold without additional inspection.
  • Access to discontinued components: If a replacement component for your machine is no longer produced, repair is often the only option for continued operation — short of purchasing a new, updated machine. Our GE PLC repair services give you the benefit of extending the life of a machine, even if replacement parts are no longer in production.

A Qualitrol engineer is available to you at 800.784.9385. or go to our website and read more about our repair services at Qualitrol.com

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