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July 10, 2009
I've just celebrated my 25th anniversary in the Factory Automation Distribution Industry.  We've sure come a long way.  Well, maybe not all of us. At Qualitrol, our goal is to embrace the latest technology used on the factory floor without leaving the past behind.  We know that a manufacturer can't just rip out all of the older legacy controllers in the plant whenever their PLC vendor of choice comes out with a new model, although a lot of vendors would be extremely happy if they could pull that off.   No, engineers and maintenance teams are tasked with keeping all of the controllers running smoothly - from the shiny new controllers that just came in on that new machine to the controllers that were introduced during the Carter administration. And what plant doesn't have several PLC brands throughout the facility? Nothing matches the stress and anxiety that you experience when a critical machine goes down, you open the panel to see what is wrong, and that PLC you haven't touched in years, if ever, has decided to take a vacation.  Do I have the manual?  How do I reload the program?  What do all of these flashing lights mean?   I only know Allen-Bradley PLCs - who put this GE Fanuc Series Six in here? Who do I turn to for help? Turn to Qualitrol.  Our mission is to provide after-market products, repairs, programming assistance, and phone and field support services for Legacy PLC systems.  And we offer one thing more - a knowledgeable and caring team of sales and support people who pride themselves on helping you get out of a crisis and get your machine running again.  We never fail to get compliments on the responsiveness of our team and their ability to follow through on commitments.  We're with you every step of the way.
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