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What to Consider When Migrating Your PLC

July 22, 2016
Qualitrol Engineers

Updating your PLC system is an exciting decision that can boost your productivity, but this task requires planning and work along the way. You can prevent excessive downtime and work with automation experts to ensure your PLC upgrade is successful by considering the following things when planning your PLC migration!


Determine What You Want

The first step is deciding what your PLC migration will achieve. This means you’ll consider objectives, how long you’d ideally want your migration to take, and what improvements you’d like to see once the process is complete. This step also includes inspecting your existing system to ensure all factors are considered during the migration.


Improve Efficiency with Your Platform

Deciding on a platform can be a difficult decision, but consider using platforms that are already used in your manufacturing processes—this can help cut down on spare parts, training, and tools that you’ll need for the system. When choosing a platform, ensure that the platform you’re considering will provide the most benefits and work with the other systems you have. This can help you narrow down your choices!


Choosing Interfaces for Your System

Having an HMI or another device in mind for your new system is important because this is often one of the bigger reasons for a PLC migration. These HMIs and intelligent interfaces often can’t work seamlessly with your legacy PLC, therefore making the need for a new system greater. Consider which interface you’d like for your system and talk with our experts about the issues with your current one.


Consider Your HMI Upgrade

Another factor to consider with HMIs is the training. These interfaces dictate what your machines do and provide a reliable and efficient communication system between your employees and your machines. Implementing a new HMI into your system will mean employee training on proper use of these intelligent interfaces. You may choose to go with a more familiar HMI with your PLC migration, or perhaps the training is worth the benefits the new interface will provide.


What Are Your Goals?

Your PLC migration should meet any goals you have for this new system. By properly planning your migration, you can ensure your goals are met and help reduce or eliminate issues you were having with your former PLC system. Qualitrol can help you improve your PLC line to comprehensively serve your needs!


Plan to Reduce PLC Downtime

We can help you decide the best time to migrate the system and schedule your PLC migration during a low-risk time to ensure everything goes as planned. Although machines will need to be shut down to implement the new system, we work with you to determine when the best time would be and approach this migration with a plan in mind.


Considering these factors among others during your PLC migration can help you have a successful new system in a short amount of time. The first step is to recognize that the system can be improved and to discover what can be changed in order to create a better, more efficient system. At Qualitrol, we’re here to help you have the most successful PLC migration!

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