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What to Do with Your Surplus PLC

July 10, 2015

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an integral part of many businesses and factories around the world. The control system it functions on is able to monitor input and output and make choices because it was specifically programmed to do so. These amazing systems help create efficiency around the world. But what happens when you have a surplus of PLC that you don’t actually need or want?

Repair Your PLC

Some companies have PLCs that are old and broken. Many industries have staff on site who can repair these PLCs when something goes wrong, especially if it’s on the job. But for those who don’t, these PLCs may just simply get replaced and the new ones hauled out of there, only to sit in a storage room somewhere. Repairing your old PLC can help return your investment and speed up productivity—rather than waiting to get a new one when the replacement eventually wears out or breaks, you’ll have another good one sitting right there. Repairing can be a great option to help save you money and keep your company running efficiently.

Recycle Your Surplus PLC

Whatever happens with your surplus PLC, you should not simply throw it away. Too many of these systems end up in landfills where their toxic chemicals leak into the earth, causing environmental hazards that are dangerous for the entire planet. The proper thing to do with old or unwanted PLCs when you decide they’re no longer useful to you is to recycle them. This could involve repairing and selling your PLC, or just simply recycling it. There are recycling plants that can accommodate your used PLCs and help you and your company to protect the earth while properly disposing of this surplus PLC. Throwing them away is not safe.

Sell Your Surplus PLCs

If repairing isn’t what you want to do with your surplus PLC or a repair would not return your investment, but you’re not quite committed to recycling your PLC, sell it! Many places will take parts of a PLC or the whole thing, no matter what condition the parts or unit is in, and you don’t even have to fix it first. You may even be able to find another company that’s interested in purchasing your parts or repairing your PLC for their company’s use. Don’t underestimate the power your surplus PLC has—it can still bring you cash and be of use to someone else.

Surplus PLCs don’t have to be a burden on you or your company. Consider repairing old PLCs for future use, recycling them when no longer wanted, or selling them to get some of your money back. Just remember—simply throwing them away is not an option!

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