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When Your GE Genius I/O Hand-Held Monitor (IC660HHM501) Won't Communicate

September 7, 2012
GE's Genius I/O structure (IC660 prefix) is one of the more technologically advanced products ever introduced in the industrial PLC market.  Discrete I/O blocks (IC660BBD prefix), analog I/O blocks (IC660BBA) and smart modules connect to a master GE PLC system via a robust, high-speed LAN to provide rugged and intelligent distributed I/O.  The blocks and the LAN are configured with a GE Genius Hand-held Monitor (IC660HHM501) that can connect to the LAN by plugging into any block on the LAN or into the bus controller at the PLC processor. The IC660HHM501 is a powerrful and robust configuration tool.  Occasionally, the HHM501 gives faults when communicating to the Genius blocks.  Here is how you correct that problem: Problem:  The Genius Hand-held Monitor (IC660HHM501) will not communicate to the Genius Block and the display shows '??' instead of real values in the fields like 'Block ID.' Solution:  Cycle power on the HHM501.  When the unit reboots, it will ask you setup questions.  When it asks What Protocol, select 'Extended' instead of 'Standard.'  This will allow the hand-held monitor to communicate to the block again. If this doesn't solve the problem you are having, please contact our GE PLC Technical Support team at 1-800-784-9385.
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