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Why You Need a PLC Risk Assessment

February 27, 2015

If you want true control over your PLC assets, we have your secret weapon: The Qualitrol Risk Assessment Process. An expert technician will do a complete audit & assessment of your Automation Assets. The technician will take inventory of what is production from a controller standpoint. We’ll audit your inventory of spare parts and come back with an analysis of what you have, itemized by part number—plus a detailed list of what we recommend you stock for spare parts based on our comprehensive risk analysis.

This is changing the PLC game

First, we evaluate the lifespan of your system based on 100,000s of systems that we’ve repaired, maintained, remanufactured or removed in the past 25 years. We’ll take you through, part by part, the expected lifespan of each component. We’ll develop an ideal list of spare parts to have on hand, based on the age of your systems, and importance of each component to the up-time of your system.

We also want you to know what parts you have lying around that are wasting space, either in unknown or unusable conditions. Yes, even parts that may have been hastily thrown across the floor, unboxed and disheveled, during past times of panic and downtime. We take these units home, shine them up, test each and every aspect of them, and rebox them and send them back to you with a brand new warranty. We can even warranty parts that you already have, in the event they should fail once you’ve put them to use.

If our Assessment determines you have un-needed parts in your inventory, we’ll buy them off you so you can use the proceeds to get what you need.

The end result is peace of mind: you’ll know what you have, what’s at risk, and whether you have absolutely all of the spares you’ll need to address likely future scenarios.

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