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Breuer Ecovert Drives

ECOVERT®  Drives Repair

Breuer Motoren Ecover Drives


The Breuer range of ecoVert® VFD tractions drives provide totally flexible solutions to underground machine traction control for all of our OEM customers.  Typical applications include variable speed control of shearer traction, continuous miners, bolter miners and shuttle cars using designs which are matched exactly to the requirements of each machine.

Ecovert Traction Drive

The resulting designs give ‘plug and play’ converter systems designed not only to meet the space constraints on board but also with jointly developed software to seamlessly integrate with the controlling PLC of the machine. With a power range up to 1600kW at 1kV, 3.3kV and 4.16kV, the Breuer ecoVert VFM meets all underground variable frequency conveying needs.

Qualitrol Repair Technicians are highly skilled and trained to repair these unique and versatile boards. 


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