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Computer Dynamics Industrial Computer (CDI) Repairs

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Computer Dynamics Industrial Computers

Qualitrol International is the only Computer Dynamics (CDI) Authorized Repair Center in the world for the complete CDI  family of Industrial PCs (IPC), Industrial Workstations, Flat Panel Computers and Flat Panel Monitors.  

For decades, Computer Dynamics has introduced some of the most innovative and rugged industrial PCs and Workstations on the market.  While these rugged units are built to last, there will come a time when every CDI unit needs a repair, or at least an evaluation and clean up.

In 2012, Qualitrol took over worldwide repair of CDI units from GE.  Every Build-book, component list, schematic, test procedure and computer image for any CDI industrial computer or monitor resides at Qualitrol.  Our team of CDI repair specialists used to work for CDI and have intimate knowledge of each unit no matter the age or the application.

For unparalleled Computer Dynamics industrial computer, flat panel computer, and flat panel monitor repairs and retrofits, contact Qualitrol.

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