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HMI Repair

Human Machine Interface, or HMI, units are vital to the operations of your machine.  Over time, an HMI can show signs that it is starting to fail – and failure of the HMI can lead to critical downtime.  it is a best practice to repair an HMI unit before it fails.    

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Signs that an HMI Unit is starting to fail 

  1. Screen is faded or difficult to read.
  2. Touchscreen is less responsive or has ‘dead areas’
  3. Loose cable connections
  4. Broken or Damaged HMI screen

Repair of an HMI can keep these symptoms from getting worse causing HMI downtime.  What good is an HMI that isn’t responsive or doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. 

Sure, older HMI models can be replaced with newer HMI.  But that is never an easy transition because of two big problems:

  1. Fitting the new HMI into the hole in the panel
  2. Porting the program from the old HMI to the new HMI

Neither of these is easy.  The best bet is to HMI repair your current HMI and give it new life.

  1. Replace damaged touchscreen
  2. Replace scratched or broken screen
  3. Replace scratched or damaged overlay
  4. Replace dim or faded backlights
  5. Repair functionality of the HMI
  6. Establish PLC communications


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