Modicon Repair

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Qualitrol International repairs all models of the popular Modicon family of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Industrial Panel PCs (IPC). For decades, Modicon has introduced some of the most rugged HMI and Operator Interface devices in the industry. While these rugged units are built to last, there will come a time when every Modicon HMI needs a repair, or at least an evaluation and clean up.

Qualitrol provides complete testing and evaluation of each unit before the Modicon repair starts, testing for:

  • Screen brightness and clarity
  • Touchscreen alignment and ‘ghost’ touches
  • Cracked screens, torn touchscreens, or other damage to the front of the Modicon HMI panel
  • Good contact of all keypads
  • Tightness of bezel, seals, and overlays to prevent penetration of moisture or dirt
  • Full function of all serial and Ethernet ports
  • Ability to execute all functions appropriate to the specific model of Modicon HMI

Our repair process covers the entire unit, not just fixing what has failed. All failed and high-probability-of-failure components are replaced – before they fail and bring your production line to a grinding halt!

All refurbished merchandise we offer for sale undergoes the same rigorous evaluation and repair process. Our preemptive approach keeps failures in the field low and customer satisfaction high.

Our goal is to get your Modicon HMI unit back up and running as quick as possible so you can get your line running again. You can count on us to get it done right.


Parts For RMA

You can submit one or many parts for RMA using this form. They do not need to be all from the same manufacturer. View all manufacturer RMA information here.