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Red Lion HMI Repair

Red Lion HMI Repair

Qualitrol International is a repair center for all models of the Red Lion HMI family of human-machine interfaces (HMIs). Red Lion HMI repair work is critical if your HMI unit begins to fail. Getting repair work done provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive unit replacement.

The Red Lion Repair Service Process
Qualitrol provides complete testing and evaluation of each unit before the repair starts, testing for:

  • Screen brightness and clarity
  • Touchscreen alignment and ‘ghost’ touches
  • Cracked screens, torn touchscreens or other damage to the front of the Red Lion unit
  • Good contact of all keypads
  • Tightness of bezel, seals, and overlays to prevent penetration of moisture or dirt
  • Full function of all serial and Ethernet ports
  • Ability to execute all functions appropriate to the specific model of Red Lion HMI
Red Lion Repair Service

Each Red Lion HMI unit is hooked to the appropriate PLC system to confirm that it talks properly to the PLC. Once the Red Lion HMI repair is complete, the Red Lion HMI unit is fully tested again to confirm all functionality and connectivity to the PLC. In addition to our HMI repair services, we also offer PLC repair, with the expertise to diagnose whether issues are HMI or PLC-based, and to respond accordingly.

Each of our Red Lion HMI repairs is backed by our one-year warranty that covers the entire Siemens HMI unit. Our goal is to get your unit back up and running as quickly as possible so you can get your line running again. You can count on us to get it done right.

Select your Red Lion HMI model from the list below to get your ACTUAL REPAIR Pricing – no up-front Evaluations required.


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