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How can I view, print, or change the ladder logic in my GE Fanuc Series Six PLC?

November 27th, 2018

Logicmaster Six software is your answer. The Parallel version of Logicmaster Six requires a special interface card, IC641WMI610, that plugs into an ISA slot in a computer with a bus speed of less than 100mhz. The parallel card will use a parallel cable (IC600WD005) to communicate to the Series Six CPU via the I/O Control Module. However, these cards are hard to come by – please contact us for current availability of this card.

We recommend the serial option, which communicates via a standard serial port in your computer. Your Series 6 PLC will need a communications card, IC600CB536 to connect the PC serial port to.

One note: LogicMaster software for Series Six is a DOS software package - Windows does not support the program. The original software has no communication drivers or memory handler routines for Windows. This means that you will need a PC with DOS or an equivalent. An equivalent that has been successful is a “virtual PC with a DOS type operating system.” I use this method on my XP laptop and have no problems. You can contact us about getting the software with virtual PC option. Our computer savvy technicians have put together a virtual PC that will work on XP computers.

To address this issue further, we have created our own dedicated PC-based programmer with Logicmaster already installed. This is a very cost-effective means of programming the Series Six – learn more by clicking here.

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