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How can I view, print, or change the ladder-logic program in my Series Three PLC?

November 27th, 2018

Reviewing and editing the program stored in a Series Three CPU using the built-in display and keypad can often be frustrating because the LED display can only show one program instruction at a time. Thankfully GE produced a Portable Programmer unit that makes it easier for the user to visualize a PLC program by displaying several rungs of ladder-logic at once.

The Portable Programmer is an optional accessory to the Series Three, Series One, and Series One Junior PLCs that allows ladder-logic programs to be viewed, edited, and printed. With its 5-line, dot-matrix LCD display and rugged, industrialized enclosure, the Portable Programmer is a specialized ladder-logic programming device ideal for use in the field.

Program transfer and on-line monitoring are available through the Portable Programmer’s serial interface. Programs can also be transferred to and from the PLC using the unit’s built-in tape port. A printer port allows hard copies of programs to be printed to any parallel printer using the included cable. The part number for the Portable Programmer is IC610PRG110.

We also offer a kit, called the QS3INTEGRATOR, which includes the Portable Programmer, a Series Three Program Pack (IC610PRG117), and a CD containing a complete set of manuals for the Series Three and Series One product families. More information on the QS3INTEGRATOR is available by visiting our Series Three programming page or calling our sales representatives at 1-800-784-9385..

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