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The letter at the end of the part number on my spare Series Six module is different than that on the board in my system. Can I still use it?

November 27th, 2018

The letter at the end of the part number is referred to as the Revision code. Typically, the revisions were changed to keep up with events with the card’s circuitry. If a change in components on a module required a circuit change, the redesign would result in incrementing the revision code.

GE had many customers ask about this revision letter so they tested all cards and brought all cards to Revision “K.” This revision says all cards have been tested and work with other cards. All cards with the same part number will work the same way. The exception to this rule is Rev “A” cards. Therefore, if you are using a rev “A” card you will want to ask for that revision to ensure your system works. This is documented in the Series Six Data Sheet manual.

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