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The UNIT OK LED on my Genius block is blinking. What does it mean and how do I correct the condition?

November 27th, 2018

A blinking UNIT OK LED usually indicates that there are one or more faults present on the block. In order to identify the fault(s), connect a Genius Hand-held Monitor (IC660HHM501) to the block, and power up the HHM, making sure that the data rate of the HHM matches the Genius block it is plugged into. Once the main menu is displayed, select ANALYZE. Under ANALYZE, there are several choices for analyzing the block at the circuit and block level. Use one or more of these selections to identify the fault. Once identified, try clearing the fault. If the fault clears, the fault condition may have been a temporary condition. If the fault does not clear or returns after clearing, take corrective action.

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