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When I try to download the configuration to my Series 90 CPU, the download fails because passwords are disabled. How do I fix this?

November 28th, 2018

This error occurs when the user tries to download a configuration where the CPU is configured for “Passwords Enabled” and the CPU being downloaded to is set for “Passwords Disabled.” Once passwords are disabled in a Series 90 CPU, the only way to download a configuration where the CPU is configured for “Passwords Enabled” is to completely erase the memory in the target CPU. This can be done by powering down the CPU, disconnecting the battery, and powering up the CPU with the battery still disconnected. This should clear the memory. In certain cases with the Series 90-30 CPUs, you may have to clear the memory by shorting out a super-capacitor on the CPU module by removing the CPU from the baseplate and shorting across two solder pads labeled “MEM CLR” for about 10 seconds. Once the memory is erased, a configuration with passwords enabled can be downloaded to the CPU.

An alternative solution would be to change the configuration being downloaded to a “Passwords Disabled” setting and then download the configuration to the CPU. Only do this when passwords are not a concern.

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