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Siemens Simatic IPC

Brand: Siemens


Contact us today to help you extend the life of your Siemens Simatic IPC systems.

The Simatic family of Industrial Computers (IPC) and Panel PCs by Siemens provide a window into the operations of any Siemens-based control scheme.  Whether your system consists of the Simatic IPC and an industrial monitor, or takes advantage of the all-in-one design of a Simatic PC, it is imperative that your system run at peak performance to maximize system up-time.  If either of these Simatic IPC systems requires repair or a quick diagnostic test, Qualitrol is the Simatic IPC specialists.

For over 25 years, Qualitrol has been providing top-quality repairs in the industrial control and computer market.  Qualitrol purchased the Computer Dynamics (CDI) and QuickPanel lines from GE, making Qualitrol the premier industrial computer and industrial monitor repair center in the US.  Extensive knowledge of panel design, processor performance, touchscreens, and component integration translates to industry-leading Industrial Computer and Industrial Monitor repair capabilities.

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