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GE Versamax IC200ALG240 is an analog input module that has a 16 bit voltage/current isolated 8 ch analog Input. The GE Versamax IC200ALG240 has eight isolated 4-20ma current input channels, 16 bit converter resolution, open wire detection and high-end factory calibration. The GE Versamax IC200ALG240 has additional features that are software configurable.

  Revision Numbers
IC200ALG240A, IC200ALG240B, IC200ALG240C, IC200ALG240D, IC200ALG240E, IC200ALG240F, IC200ALG240G, IC200ALG240H, IC200ALG240I, IC200ALG240J, IC200ALG240K, IC200ALG240L, IC200ALG240M, IC200ALG240N, IC200ALG240P, IC200ALG240Q, IC200ALG240R, IC200ALG240S, IC200ALG240T, IC200ALG240U, IC200ALG240V, IC200ALG240W, IC200ALG240X, IC200ALG240Y, IC200ALG240Z
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