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Extend the Life of Your PLC

Your machines are your livelihood. When a PLC part fails, you need to get it repaired or replaced with a quality product as quickly and affordably as possible. You have to trust that the part you put back in your system will work to manufacturer’s specs, will work the first time you install it, and will work for years to come. In today’s solid-state world, a quality remanufactured electronic part is a great substitute for a more expensive new part. You must be able to trust the quality of the workmanship. Remanufactured PLC products from Qualitrol International are always a cost-effective alternative to new PLC products and are always of the highest quality. And our remanufactured products always come with our exclusive Qualitrol 2-Year Warranty.

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Our Services

Remanufactured PLC parts can make a major impact on the productivity of your operations, efficiency of your maintenance and repair schedule, and your bottom line. Used PLC parts from Qualitrol International undergo a rigorous repair and testing process to ensure a “like-new” experience — from packaging to installation to the superior operation of the PLC.

Our services for used and recertified PLC products are:

  • Selling remanufactured PLC parts: We maintain an extensive inventory of PLC parts off the shelf, enabling you to browse our product line according to your needs and enjoy fast delivery of your required PLC components. Every remanufactured part that we sell has been repaired and tested to manufacturer standards, as well as our quality benchmarking. This process marks the difference between our inventory and “new surplus” dealers, where parts may sit untouched and uninspected for 10 years or more.
  • Repair of PLC parts and PLC components: We can refurbish your existing PLC components to like-new operation. After repairing the component, we use factory-standard testing equipment to ensure the same quality standard as a brand-new controller.
  • We buy recycled PLC parts: If you find yourself with surplus PLC inventory, we will purchase it from you with prompt payment.

Working With Qualitrol International

We offer extensive experience with PLC controllers, including expertise in all types of repairs and refurbishments. Our services differ from other used PLC sellers by:

  • Using factory-standard testing equipment: Our GE testing equipment is identical to that used in GE facilities themselves, enabling unparalleled quality assurance.
  • Inspecting and recertifying every part we sell: “New surplus” merchants simply facilitate the buying and selling of inventory, without inspecting the parts. PLCs that have been sitting in inventory for years can deteriorate, and other electronic components can leak or become fire hazards. We ensure that all of our inventory is up to our safety and quality standards.

For more information about our line of used PLCs, shop our inventory now.

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