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  • IC693BEM331RMN



  • Compatible with:
    • Series 90-30 PLC (software required):
      • CPU models 311K, 321K, 331L, or later
      • CPU models 313, 323, 340, 341, 350, 351, 352, 360, 363, 364 (5.0 release or later)
      • Logicmaster 90-30 version 5.0
      • VersaPro
      • Logic Developer
    • Series Six PLC (IC660CB902F/903F, version 1.5 or later)
    • Genius Hand-Held Monitor (revision 4.5 or later)
    • Hand-Held Programmer
    • Genius I/O Blocks (incompatible with older phase A blocks)
    • Genius Bus


The GE-Emerson Series 90-30 IC693BEM331 Genius Bus Controller (GBC) provides the interface between a Series 90-30 PLC and a Genius I/O serial bus. The GBC receives and transmits control data of up to 128 bytes for up to 31 devices on the Genius I/O bus. A Genius Bus Controller can serve:

  • Genius blocks, which provide an interface to a wide range of discrete, analog, and special-purpose field devices.
  • Remote Drops, which consist of Series 90-70 I/O racks interfaced to the bus through Remote I/O Scanner modules. Each of these drops can have any mix of Series 90-70 discrete and analog I/O modules, providing up to 128 bytes of input data and 128 bytes of output data.
  • Field Control I/O Station, which consists of a Bus Interface Unit (BIU) and up to eight additional Field Control modules. The BIU provides intelligent processing, I/O scanning, and feature configuration for the I/O station.
  • Genius Hand-Held Monitor (HHM), which is a portable device that can also be permanently mounted. The HHM provides a convenient operator interface for block setup, data monitoring, and diagnostics.
  • Multiple hosts, for communications using datagrams and Global Data.