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  • IC693CMM301RMN



  • LED status indicators:
    • OK - Shows status of the GCM module
    • COM - Shows status of the Genius Communications bus


The GE-Emerson IC693CMM301 Genius Communications Module for the Series 90-30 PLC provides global communications on a Genius Communications bus between Series 90-30 PLCs and/or other GE Fanuc PLCs. Series 90-70, Series Six, and Series Five PLCs can communicate on this bus through their respective Genius Bus Controllers. 

The Genius Communications bus is a token passing peer-to-peer, noise-immune network optimized to provide high-speed transfer of real-time control data. Up to eight Series 90-30 PLC CPUs, in any combination, can communicate with each other over a single Genius I/O serial bus using a standard twisted pair, shielded cable.