Series 90-70 (IC697): IC697CPU772

Brand: GE Fanuc - GE Intelligent Platforms


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  May Require Lead Time
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  • Supports floating point calculations.
  • Single slot CPU.
  • 2K inputs and outputs (any mix).
  • Up to 8K analog I/O.
  • 0.4 microseconds per boolean function.
  • 12 MHz, 80C186 microprocessor.
  • Supports IC660/IC661 and IC697 I/O.
  • Programmed by MS-DOS or Windows based software products running on Windows 95 or Windows NT over Ethernet TCP/IP or through the SNP port.
  • Supports up to 512 Kbytes of battery-backed expansion memory in the same slot.
  • Configurable data and program memory.
  • Battery-backed calendar clock.
  • Three position operation mode switch.
  • Password controlled access.
  • Three status LEDs.
  • Software configuration (No DIP switches or jumpers to set).
  • Reference information inside front door.


The CPU 772 is a single slot PLC CPU which allows floating point calculations. The CPU 772 is programmed and configured by MS-DOS or WIndows based programming software to perform real time control of machines, processes and material handling systems. The CPU 772 communicates with I/O and smart option modules over the rack mounted backplane (IC697CHS750, 782, 783, 790, 791) by way of the VMEC.1 Standard format.

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