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2 Year Warranty

QUALITROL warrants that every part will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the term stated on the item. 

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GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPX935 96Mhz, 32-Bit, Floating Point, 1 MByte Fast Memory CPU is a single slot CPU with three serial ports. GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPX935 supports 12K inputs and outputs (any mix), and up to 8K analog I/O.  GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPX935 incorporates a 86 MHz, 80486DX4 microprocessor.
  Revision Numbers
IC697CPX935A, IC697CPX935B, IC697CPX935C, IC697CPX935D, IC697CPX935E, IC697CPX935F, IC697CPX935G, IC697CPX935H, IC697CPX935I, IC697CPX935J, IC697CPX935K, IC697CPX935L, IC697CPX935M, IC697CPX935N, IC697CPX935P, IC697CPX935Q, IC697CPX935R, IC697CPX935S, IC697CPX935T, IC697CPX935U, IC697CPX935V, IC697CPX935W, IC697CPX935X, IC697CPX935Y, IC697CPX935Z, IC697CPX935-AA, IC697CPX935-AB, IC697CPX935-AC, IC697CPX935-AD, IC697CPX935-AE, IC697CPX935-AF, IC697CPX935-AG, IC697CPX935-AH, IC697CPX935-BA, IC697CPX935-BB, IC697CPX935-BC, IC697CPX935-BD, IC697CPX935-BE, IC697CPX935-BF, IC697CPX935-BG, IC697CPX935-BH, IC697CPX935-CA, IC697CPX935-CB, IC697CPX935-CC, IC697CPX935-CD, IC697CPX935-CE, IC697CPX935-CF, IC697CPX935-CG, IC697CPX935-DA, IC697CPX935-DB, IC697CPX935-DC, IC697CPX935-DD, IC697CPX935-DE, IC697CPX935-DF, IC697CPX935-DG, IC697CPX935-EA, IC697CPX935-EB, IC697CPX935-EC, IC697CPX935-ED, IC697CPX935-EE, IC697CPX935-EF, IC697CPX935-EG, IC697CPX935-FA, IC697CPX935-FB, IC697CPX935-FC, IC697CPX935-FD, IC697CPX935-FE, IC697CPX935-FF, IC697CPX935-FG, IC697CPX935-GA, IC697CPX935-GB, IC697CPX935-GC, IC697CPX935-GD, IC697CPX935-GE, IC697CPX935-GF, IC697CPX935-GG, IC697CPX935-GJ, IC697CPX935-GK, IC697CPX935-HA, IC697CPX935-HB, IC697CPX935-HC, IC697CPX935-JC, IC697CPX935-JD, IC697CPX935-JE
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