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  • IC200MDL330RMN



  • Isolation:
    • 250VAC continuous; 1,500VAC for 1min user input to logic (optical) and frame to ground
    • 250VAC continuous; 1,500VAC for 1min group-to-group
    • 250VAC continuous; 1,500VAC for 1min point-to-point
  • One LED per point shows individual point ON/OFF state
  • OK LED indicates backplane power is present
  • 140mA max. backplane current consumption (5V output)
  • 85 to 132VAC (47 to 63Hz), 120VAC nominal external power supply


The GE-Emerson IC200MDL330 VersaMax Discrete Isolated Output Module includes intelligent processing performed by the CPU or NIU. An external 120VAC power supply must be provided to switch power to the loads.