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  • IC697CHS750RMN



  • Mounts in a 10in deep enclosure (fans normally not required)
  • Accepts plug-in AC or DC IC697 power supply
  • Provision for two rack operations from a single power supply


The GE-Emerson IC697CHS750 Series 90-70 Rear Mount Rack can be used for all CPU and I/O configurations. Each rack has provision for one power supply at the leftmost module position, and five additional slot locations. Slots are 1.6in wide, except the power supply slot which is 2.4in wide. The overall rack dimensions are 11.5in (H) x 13in (W) x 7.5in (D). 

Two racks can be interconnected to share a single power supply for applications having extended I/O requirements. A Power Supply Extension Cable Kit (IC697CBL700) is available for such applications.

Each rack provides slot sensing for rack-type I/O modules designed for the IC697 PLC. No jumpers or DIP switches on the I/O modules are required for module addressing.