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  • IC697CHS791RMN



  • Mounts in a standard 19in rack (fans normally not required)
  • Accepts plug-in AC or DC IC697 power supply
  • Provision for two rack operation from single power supply


The GE-Emerson IC697CHS791 Series 90-70 9-Slot Front Mount Rack can be used for all CPU and I/O configurations. Each rack has provision for one power supply at the leftmost module position and nine additional slot locations.

Overall rack dimensions are 11.15in (H) x 19in (W) x 7.5in (D). Slots are 1.6in wide except the power supply slot, which is 2.4in wide.

Two racks can be interconnected to share a single power supply for applications having extended I/O requirements. A Power Supply Extension Cable Kit (IC697CBL700) is available for such applications. 

Each rack provides slot sensing for rack-type I/O modules designed for the IC697 PLC. No jumpers or DIP switches on the I/O modules are required for module addressing.